Friday, September 20, 2013


Today in class, we read an excerpt from the reading selection "Behind the Veil" by Philip Devitt, where he talks about an unforgettable week in Washington, D.C. He talks about an experience that changed how he sees the world. He explained that experience happened "The night I saw myself through the eyes of a quiet Muslim girl."

We determined that the expression SEE MYSELF THROUGH THE EYES OF someone different from ourselves is related to the humane value of EMPATHY. Explain:

1- What does empathy consists of?
2- How does empathy  help you to become a better person?
3- How does empathy affect the way you see other people and animals? Say some examples.


  1. I learned in the class the value of empathy this value basically means to take the place oh the shoes of the person which is the situation

  2. 1.Empathy consists in the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
    2.Empathy will help me become a better person because I will be able to recognize how you should feel a person who is outside their country and their cultures.
    3.Affects in a good way because we realize how they feel these people and some animals who feel bad among themselves.

  3. Enmanuel Perez period:1 9/22/2013
    1-Empathy is to look and feel what other people are looking and feeling, is set our mind within them, is not to criticize others when we know their problems, their mistakes but do not know their abilities, their experiences.
    2-Empathy makes us better people because by observing other people are capable of understanding and not criticize any situation why this happening.
    3-Empathy affects the way we look at other people and animals because it makes us feel more prepared to feel what other people are feeling, for example, helps us understand how they feel when they kill animals.

  4. Melissa Gamez period:1
    Empathy consists in be OK with the people around you, it is understand the other people and think in how was it if you be in his place just for one second. This feeling make us better with the others and also admits us grow up being good with the world.

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      1- I think that empathy is the possibility that have some persons to feel what feel the other people and make your place.
      2- The empathy makes you best person because when you can see how is the situations of other peoples and feel your pain you are a compassionate person.
      3- The empathy we affects in a way good because when can feel how feel the animals when they kill them and when have them locked in very small boxes.

  6. Rosla Cruz p#1
    Empathy is a human value, is that each person is put in place of other people or any living being with feelings, before Judging from or charge him somehow. This value is very good for everyone because we allude to better understand other person and not harm them. If each citizen of the world before speaking or before making a judgment of another person or animal, if he felt empathy (ie, put yourself in their shoes) would not have so many disagreements in the world and so much hatred and bitterness. For example there are people who see a beggar on the street and say "looks a hopeless bago" without knowing about past that person. Or pay to see animals stick it. without realizing that these animals are suffering as if any man would go to war.